General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fooker sits next to Sharon, while Greys mull about in the background.]]
Sharon: [Accusingly] Still, _I'm_ not the one you need to apologize to...
Fooker: I know. I'll do it as soon as I see him again... whenever _that_ might be.

Sharon: [Concerned] Our poor friends... Dwayne, Dex, the old contractors... none of them know about this. None of them know what's coming...
Fooker: [Darkly] They will soon enough...

[[Sharon is looking away from Fooker, so she misses Fooker's grimace.]]
Sharon: And poor Trudy... little does she know she's alone with that wicked Nick from her own universe. Who _knows_ what evil he has in store for her!

[[Sharon turns back toward Fooker, who has schooled his face into a neutral expression. Fooker places his arm around Sharon.]]
Fooker: I'm pretty sure the ol' Stepford Smiler can take care of herself...
Sharon: [Coolly] Be nice. That's your future sister-in-law you're snarking...

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