General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Pi, Justin, and Planck are discussing the Physaric threat. Justin is looking toward the background at Fooker with his arm around Sharon.]]
Planck: So how many enemy ships do you think are out there?
Pi: A couple thousand at least...?

[[Justin turns toward Pi.]]
Justin: We have to find a way to warn Earth.
Pi: Oh, _that_ will go over well. I'm sure they'll believe us if we just give them a call...

Planck: Besides, if the enemy has infiltrated your planet's governments, we could be tripping our hand.
[[Pi looks startled by a communications tablet in his hand, which makes a <<bleep>> sound.]]
Justin: Pi? What's wrong?

[[Pi gets a very malicious grin on his face.]]
Pi: Absolutely _nothing_ is wrong. Assuming i have the right Earth expression, I'd say the cavalry just arrived...

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