General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin, still banged up with his head and forearm bandaged, reaches to touch Fooker on the shoulder. Sharon is seated next to Fooker. As Pi runs out of the room in the background, Planck turns to look back.]]
Fooker: What's up?
Justin: Not sure. Let's hope it's not Colonel Custer...

[[Pi and Planck lead Justin, Fooker, and Sharon onto the Grey ship's bridge with the Great Skaboola and other drones working away.]]
Drone: Confirmed. The Seventh Fleet has arrived within the solar system under heavy cloak.
Skaboola: Not that a cloak could really hide that many ships...

Incoming Voice: Skaboola Tau Sigma, alert your drones. Make ready for my arrival.
[[The Skaboola is shocked, while Fooker and Sharon turn to look at each other.]]
Skaboola: H-he came... He leads the fleet himself...
Sharon: [looking at Fooker] Who...?

[[The Skaboola and all drones bow deeply as the matter transporter starts to beam in a towering, incredibly immensely fat Grey. Justin, Fooker, and Sharon are shocked by the sight, so much so that Fooker's hair is blasted back.]]
Skaboola: [bowing deeply] Behold the Grand Protuberance...

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