General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[The huge, grotesquely obese-looking alien known as the Grand Protuberance, twice as tall as the Great Skaboola and at least three times as wide, transports in with a <ZWIRIRIRIRIRIRING> sound and is flanked by two Warrior Grey guards. Fooker, Justin, and the Great Skaboola all react with surprise.]]
Protuberance: Skaboola Tau Sigma, I see your incompetence is on par with the usual. You were intending to simply hand over this planet to the enemy, yes?

[[The Great Skaboola clasps his hands pleadingly as Fooker, Justin, and Sharon exchange nervous glances.]]
Skaboola: Grand Protuberance, our mission here was covert surveillance. The enemy's arrival has been a recent development. We contacted you as soon as we discovered them!

[[In the background, the Grand Protuberance looms over the sweating Skaboola. In the foreground, Fooker and Sharon look toward each other.]]
Protuberance: Cease your groveling, Tau Sigma! Had I expected enemy involvement, I would have sent a _competent_ Skaboola.
Fooker: [whispering to Sharon] I almost feel sorry for the big guy...

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