General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Looking down from a point over the Grand Protuberance's shoulder, at Fooker, Sharon, the Skaboola, and Pi]]
Protuberance: Tau Sigma! Explain these... creatures aboard your vessel.
Skaboola: Humans, my liege. Natives of the planet below. They have valuable knowledge of our adversary.

[[Looking up from a point over Fooker's right shoulder, at the Great Skaboola and the Grand Protuberance]]
Protuberance: Sapient primitives. Curious... The enemy tends to avoid sapient species, but your planet's rich fauna is likely too tempting a target to ignore. You are capable of speech...?

[[Justin, Sharon, Pi, and Planck are all looking at Fooker as he replies.]]
Fooker: [determinedly] Absolutely, and we're more than willing to fill your auditory sensory openings with everything we know so far, your immenseness.

[[Fooker leans toward the Grand Protuberance, who is smiling with the Skaboola looking a bit fearful in the background.]]
Protuberance: Enlighten me, then, "Human" of this planet. Tell me where this Skaboola has failed me...

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