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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In a lab full of alien flowers and plants, behind a desk with a data terminal and a beam generator of some kind...]]
Voice 1 (Ki): So... did _that_ jog your memory...?
Voice 2 (Nick): Well, it certainly _felt_ familiar...

[[Ki and Nick are laying on the floor with Ki on top. The implication is that they are both naked, with Nick's alien jumpsuit flung across them like a blanket and another article of clothing (Ki's clothes?) folded up under Nick's head as a makeshift pillow. Nick is not wearing his glasses.]]
Nick: Sorry... about the beard. I know... you don't like facial hair...
Ki: [Smiling] See? You're remembering things already.

[[Nick reaches up to stroke Ki's hair.]]
Nick: They're coming back... slowly. I remember _this_, being intimate with you. I remember you had shorter hair. I remember wanting for so long to say, "I love you, Ki"...

[[Ki caresses Nick with a finger.]]
Nick: It... _is_ Ki, right...?
Ki: It is, but after what we just did, I'd forgive you if you weren't thinking clearly yet.

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