General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In a lab full of alien flowers and plants, Ki and Nick are getting dressed after having sex. Nick is getting back into his alien jumpsuit, while Ki has put on her jeans and is just finishing fastening her bra.]]
Nick: I remember starting at GPF... Meeting Dwayne, you, and Fooker... I remember Code-A-Holics Anonymous... The Space Con... Going to Nerdvana...

Ki: Do you remember anything more recent?
Nick: I... remember our wedding... and the "Negaverse" zaniness that led up to it...

[[Ki moves closer to Nick, helping him zip up the front of his jumpsuit.]]
Ki: I was hoping for something in the past few months...
Nick: I know... but it's like there's something I don't WANT to remember...

Ki: [glancing around] Like the fact we just had sex in front of alien plants with unknown intelligence?
Nick: [putting on his glasses] Oh, the Greys keep the sentient plants in a different lab.

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