General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick strides angrily into the main corridor outside the Greys' xenobotany lab, followed by Ki who is still adjusting her shirt. Their sudden presence seems to startle two passing Greys.]]
Nick: [bellowing] WHERE'S TRUDY?!?

Nick: Lying liar full of lies...
[[Ki puts her hand on Nick's shoulder.]]
Ki: She's not here, Nick. She's on Earth. She lied to _all_ of us...

[[Nick turns his fury toward Ki, who recoils from his rage.]]
Nick: YOU KNEW?!?
Ki: Only after you were in the hospital, before you vanished. Fooker told me.

[[Nick turns away from Ki, his anger now directed toward the universe in general.]]
Nick: [yelling] Fooker knew?!? Did anyone even notice I was gone?!?
Ki: [facepalming] You... still have some catching up to do...

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