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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick looks out the window at the moon over the Earth, with Ki behind him rubbing her arm.]]
Nick: I don't know which makes me more angry, Trudy's lies or "Nega-Nick's" miraculous return...
Ki: I've at least come to terms with Trudy.

[[The camera focuses on Ki. In the background, we can see the Greys starting to scramble.]]
Ki: While she lied to all of us, I came to understand her reasons, and it wasn't her fault her double switched places with her. She was genuinely trying to make good on her "second chance".

[[Nick turns back toward Ki.]]
Nick: While I was... gone... did you and "Nega-me"...?
Ki: No... but we almost did several times. We kept getting interrupted. He was... very convincing...

[[Nick and Ki come into touching range, and Ki rests her hands on Nick's shoulders.]]
Nick: When I finally find him I'm going to wring his neck...
Ki: Believe me, there's a line, but I think everyone will let you move to the head of it...

References: Ki confronts Trudy and a truce is made; Ki's "intimate near misses" with "Nega-Nick": (1) (2)
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