General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick and Ki emerge in a corridor with Grey drones anxiously running around, with Ki lightly holding onto Nick's arm.]]
Ki: We have more immediate concerns. We have to warn Earth about--
Nick: Why are the drones scrambling?

[[Nick catches the attention of a drone.]]
Nick: 27182818, what's up?
Drone 27182818: The Great Protuberance and the Seventh Fleet have arrived! We're on high alert!

Drone 27182818: The lead enemy ship is returning to their fleet behind your moon. When it arrives, we're under orders to attack.
Ki: But what about Earth? It might get caught in the crossfire!

Nick: I have an idea. 27182818, I need you to beam something up from the planet for me. It might be our only chance to avert a battle no one could possibly win...

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