General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred, Socrates, Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Persephone in Trish's purse are in frame. Fred holds a pair of pseudopods up to his "ears" (or where his ears would be if he had any). Patty walks over to the ultrasonic noise machine that Colonel Lionel Barker started.]]
Fred: Any chance we can turn off the Muzak? That might help half of us concentrate...
Patty: On it.

[[Dexter looks at Fred and Socrates.]]
Dexter: We don't have a lot of time. Do you have a way we can contact someone on Earth?
Socrates: Maybe... let me try something...

[[Socrates melds with the "star beast" "ship", with Patty, Trish, and Fred in the frame looking on.]]
Socrates: I can read the "surface thoughts" of the star beast without revealing myself. I can sense we're moving to the other side of the moon, but communications are locked down.

[[Dexter, Patty, and Trish look at each other.]]
Trish: B-but we have to w-warn s-somebody! If only w-we could find a way to r-reach them...
[[At that moment, their three phones each BLORP.]]

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