General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dexter, Patty and Trish are hearing through Dexter's speakerphone, and all have smiles on their faces.]]
Sharon: [through Dexter's phone] Dex? Is that you?
Dexter: Sharon! Are we glad to hear your voice!

[[On the Grey ship, Fooker, Sharon, and Justin have wandered into another room. Pi and Planck are hiding behind a console, attempting to listen in.]]
Dexter: [through Sharon's phone] Where are you? Anyone with you?
Sharon: I'm with Fooker and his brother Justin. You'd... never believe me if I told you where we are...

Dexter: Well, we're trapped aboard a giant space slug run by Fooker's dad that's in the middle of a covert alien invasion of Earth. I think whatever you've got, we can top it.
[[Fooker, Sharon, and Justin all react with surprise.]]

[[There's a new voice on the phone. Patty is looking sidewise at Fred and Socrates. Trish is looking concerned, while Dexter still has a smile on his face.]]
Fooker: [through Dexter's phone] Dex, Fooker here. Who all's with you and... did you say my dad?

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