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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin, Sharon, and Fooker stand around the table, with the phone in the center.]]
Justin: Wait... didn't you guys say there was a sound or something the Physarics didn't like?
Fred: [Over the phone] Yes.

[[Dexter, Persephone, Trish, Fred, Socrates, and Patty, all looking at the sound machine.]]
Fred: Colonel Barker has an ultrasonic device that, if we amped up the volume, might be enough to make one of us let go of a "puppet".

[[Fooker and Ki exchange glances, while Nick looks at another phone, deep in thought.]]
Ki: Too bad we don't have a way to blast the entire planet with that sound all at once...
Nick: Hmm...

[[Nick and Ki turn and look over their shoulders at Pi, Planck, and E as the three aliens huddle just outside the door, eavesdropping.]]
Nick: You three! I know you're listening. Ask the Skaboola and the Grand Protuberance to hold off their attack. Ambassadors from Earth wish to parley a truce between all parties...

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