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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the Physaric flagship, Colonel Lionel Barker looks over part of the fleet of Physaric ships as a large crescent Moon fills the view port behind them.]]
Unnamed Puppet: We have reached the rendezvous point, Colonel Barker.
Lionel: Excellent.

[[Johnson, holding a tablet, approaches Lionel from behind and to the left.]]
Johnson: Colonel, I've been monitoring various frequencies and have picked up what may be some short-range encrypted transmissions emanating from somewhere aboard this ship...

[[The puppet that had been Dr. Melanie Granger speaks from her tactical station, behind Lionel's left shoulder.]]
Granger: Colonel, a single enemy warship has decloaked not far off our port bow. We're picking up some sort of electromagnetic transmission coming from it...

Lionel: Johnson, fetch me our three guests from the situation room. Granger, I'll bet we have a way to decode and reply to that transmission. Open that channel ASAP.

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