General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Close-up of Nick's face, his right shoulder barely in frame.]]
Nick: We are aware of the fact that you are in the final stages of aiding the Physarics in a systematic takeover of Earth. You will withdraw those units and evacuate them from the planet immediately.

[[Close-up of Colonel Lionel Barker, his left shoulder barely in frame.]]
Lionel: So we shall start with the demands. I won't pretend to hide our activities, Mr. Wellington, but I seriously doubt you have the ability to back up that ultimatum with a single Grey survey ship.

[[Zoom out so that the notebook lid and webcam are in the foreground, and we can see Lionel's waist upward. He strokes his beard thoughtfully.]]
Lionel: Unless... if one cloaked ship evaded our detection, who knows how many more you have hiding out there...

Nick: The Grey seventh fleet consists of 1500 ships, 250 of which are dreadnaught-class destroyers, but that's beside the point.
[[The Great Skaboola furtively tries to catch Nick's attention, while the Grand Protuberance looks angry at the disclosure of the Grey's tactical assets.]]

References: The Seventh Fleet
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