General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick stares off versus Colonel Lionel Barker, the latter visible on the alien view screen. The Grand Protuberance and the Great Skaboola watch from the background. Nick narrows his eyes.]]
Nick: Don't do this, Colonel...
Colonel: You forced my hand, Mr. Wellington. My conscience is clear.

[[Nick faces the reader and lifts the MUTEX remote in his right hand. Behind him, Ki and Fooker exchange uncertain glances, while the rest of their friends watch expectantly behind them.]]
Nick: Fine. You asked for it.
[[Nick clicks a button on the remote.]]

[[From the opposite side of the room, Nick's Velociraptor power source begins to hum and glow. The device Nick placed Fooker's phone in begins to hum as well. Sharon, Justin, Fooker, and Ki all turn to watch the device, while an unknown Grey drone watches from right next to it. Nick's back is toward the reader as he faces the looming face of Colonel Barker on the view screen. The Colonel cocks a curious eyebrow.]]

[[Aboard the Physaric ship, several alien "puppets" begin to writhe in pain, as does a Physaric sitting on an outcropping next to Colonel Barker. The Colonel, Dexter, Trish, and Patty all watch in surprise. In the foreground, Doctor Melanie Granger, also a Physaric "puppet", places her hands on her ears.]]
Granger: NGH!

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