General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Lionel Barker, still enraged, looks down at the shattered phone.]]
Physaric: [off-panel] Is what the other human said true, Colonel Barker?

[[We look over the "shoulder" of the Physaric coordinator, looking up at Lionel.]]
Physaric: You aided us solely to use us against the enemy. It was your plan to turn on us all along.

[[Other Physarics begin to surround Lionel.]]
Physaric: How convenient that we cannot link with you and read your thoughts, isn't it? How much more have you been keeping from us...?

[[Lionel is now surrounded, and looks around himself in fear.]]
Physaric: We _will_ find out, Colonel. We have _other_ means of extracting such information if necessary...

References: The Colonel's immunity to Physaric control: (1) (2)
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