General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick, with Ki and Fooker flanking him, looks up at the screen.]]
Nick: To the Physaric leadership, I implore you: Colonel Barker's plan never completed, so he never fully betrayed you. He _has_, however, betrayed the human race.

[[Looking over Nick's shoulder toward the screen, but also with the Great Skaboola and the Grand Protuberance visible in the background. On the screen, Mr. Johonson appears to take Colonel Lionel Barker into custody while one of the Physarics takes center stage on the view screen.]]
Nick: Hand him over to us. It is likely he has broken a number of human laws for which he can be tried and punished. Give him to us unharmed, and you are free to leave our solar system.

[[The Protuberance looks away toward someone else, and shakes his head, causing the Skaboola to take notice. Meanwhile, the Physaric from the screen speaks from off-panel.]]
Physaric: I will speak for the Syncytium. Our species tries to avoid worlds with sapient inhabitants. Your planet's biodiversity was a tempting resource, and the Colonel convinced us to proceed against our reservations.

[[One of the Protuberance's honor guard, one of the warrior caste, stands at a console. He nods to the Protuberance, and presses a button. The Protuberance smiles. Because this happens off-screen, the Physaric is oblivious to this surreptitious exchange.]]
Physaric: We will agree to your terms, to hand the Colonel over as your prisoner and to leave your solar system if you can guarantee cooperation from the sapients you call the "Greys".

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