General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick addresses the Physaric on the screen, oblivious to the Grand Protuberance still looking at his honor guard.]]
Nick: I think you will find that if you sat down and actually talked to the Greys, you would find them very reasonable. It shouldn't be hard to convince them to agree to let you leave...

[[Nick looks away from the screen, toward the Protuberance, as the Physaric replies.]]
Physaric: Sadly, most of our prior attempts to communicate with them have failed. How much has been our inability to find a means or their unwillingness to listen may be open to debate.

[[Close-up on the Protuberance's face, smiling smugly, as the Physaric continues.]]
Physaric: The war between our species has been costly to both sides. We would be willing to end it peacefully if they would acknowledge and respect our right to exist. Perhaps a neutral arbiter, such as yourself...?

[[Nick, still looking over at the Protuberance, is quiet.]]
Nick: [thinking] No... What have you done...?

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