General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the Physaric Star Beast, the computer sounds an alarm of <ERT! ERT! ERT!>. Dr. Melanie Granger looks at the notebook computer with the webcam, next to the Physaric spokesman, while Dexter looks over at them.]]
Dexter: What's happening?
Dr. Granger: I-I don't know... I'm a doctor, not a starship captain.

[[Granger leans over the screen as a Physaric peers at the screen next to her.]]
Dr. Granger: If I remember enough from when I was... controlled, this says an entire alien fleet just appeared, surrounding us. Their weapons are charging up...

[[Johnson is holding Colonel Lionel Barker's arms behind his back.]]
Lionel: The enemy commander has sensed your weakness and disarray, and has seized his opportunity to attack. Very wise of him...

[[Now Lionel looks fierce, but he's also smiling. Johnson looks fiercely frustrated.]]
Lionel: You outnumber them, but their weapons and shields are stronger and you'll be caught in a crossfire. Too bad you've lost all those able bodies and hands...

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