General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back on the Grey flagship, Nick, Sharon, and Fooker are in-frame, with many Grey scientists in the background.]]
Sharon: What are we going to do...?
Fooker: I got nuthin'...
Nick: [fiercely] Protuberance! I'm warning you... call off your attack!

[[Fooker and Nick exchange a wordless glance, their expressions saying it all to each other.]]
Fooker: [thought] What are you up to...?
Nick: [thought] Just trust me...

Protuberance: Your threats are hollow, human. While your sonic attack was an amusing trick, you have neither the power nor weapons to stop either side. Your planet's fate is sealed.

Nick: No, I have one more trick up my sleeve...
[[Nick holds up the Velociraptor remote, and presses a button with an audible <CLICK>.]]

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