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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Planet Earth has disappeared. The Greys, including the Great Skaboola and the Grand Protuberance, all look on in shock while Nick stares grimly.]]
Protuberance: The planet... What did you...?
Nick: [flatly] I destroyed it.

[[Fooker and Ki stare at Nick, wide-eyed, as he continues.]]
Nick: Rather than see my species enslaved by one invader or obliterated by another, I preemptively destroyed the planet, removing it from the equation.

[[Nick stares into the communication screen that remains open to the Physaric ship, where we see Dex, Patty, and Dr. Granger sharing the Greys' shocked expressions.]]
Nick: [addressing both the Greys and the Physarics] The human race is no longer your concern. In fact, NEITHER of you have any reason to remain here. There's nothing useful for either side to exploit. If I were you, I'd pack up and return home.

Nick: [grim, and angry] I warned you, but you wouldn't listen. You forced my hand, but now you see what I'm capable of. And unless you want a further demonstration, I strongly suggest you leave this solar system... NOW.

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