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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[With the planet Earth seemingly destroyed, The Grand Protuberance turns to his guard for his analysis.]]
Guard: Confirmed. The planet is simply... gone. No debris, no evidence of a cloaking device... The planet seems to have completely vanished from existence.

[[The scene shifts to the Physaric's ship, where their representative speaks into the communications screen.]]
Physaric: Just as we cannot compete against the "Greys'" technology, yours is obviously far superior. We agree to your terms and will leave this solar system as soon as possible.

[[Back on the Greys' flagship, The Grand Protuberance responds.]]
Protuberance: And with the Physarics gone, so too go all our reasons for being here. I will order the Seventh Fleet to withdraw as soon as the Physarics leave the system.

Protuberance: [to Nick] Perhaps it is best that your species faces self-extinction here, Human. Best that the rest of the galaxy will not be in danger of facing your future wrath...


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