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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trish continues recording her journal, describing events that have taken place since Nick's destruction of Planet Earth. We see a large group of humans, with Sharon smiling and hugging her sister Trudy while Nick and Ki glower at them from nearby.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Some of the reunions were mixed. Sharon was relieved to see her sister, but Ki -- and especially Nick -- were cold. For her part, Trudy seemed embarrassed."

[[We see Colonel Lionel Barker and Trudy's mother, Esther Matusevitch, in restraints, being escorted by combat drones and watched by Fooker.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Colonel Barker -- and apparently Trudy's mom too -- were handed over as prisoners. Without anywhere better to put them, the Skaboola offered to hold them on his ship."

[[We see a tense confrontation between the Colonel and his sons, Justin and Fooker.]]
Trish: [narrating] "The Colonel and his sons said nothing as they passed each other, from what Sharon told me for the first time in years. There's a story there, but Sharon has yet to share it with me."

[[We see the Colonel and Esther in a cell on board the Skaboola's ship, with Justin and Fooker walking away in silence.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Trudy's mom wasn't happy about the situation. I hear that, once they were left alone, there was a huge shouting match and eventually they had to be put in separate cells."

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