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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trish continues her narrated log about the events that took place on the Skaboola's ship after the humans elected to remain there. We see Nick talking to the assembled humans.]]
Trish: [narrating] "As Nick entered, he told us that the Grand Protuberance and the Seventh Fleet had just left, leaving the Skaboola's ship -- and us -- alone within the solar system."

[[We see Nick and the Great Protuberance standing in front of a window, with the Moon visible behind them.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Before he left, the Protuberance dismissed his guards and attendants and wanted to speak to Nick alone..."
Protuberance: There is no need to carry your ruse any further, human...

Protuberance: It was evident that you did not wish to see your planet destroyed. You repeatedly intervened, finding new ways to protect it. Seeming to destroy it was effective, but illogical.

[[The Protuberance leans close to Nick, smiling expectantly, while Nick's expression hardens into grim determination.]]
Protuberance: So tell me, human, now that all other auditory canals are absent... What did you REALLY do to your precious planet?

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