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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trish has fallen asleep at her keyboard while narrating her log. Patty sits up in her bed behind Trish.]]
Patty: Sigh... At least one of us is finally getting some sleep...

[[Patty gets up, puts on a robe, and drapes a blanket over Trish's shoulders. She eyes the screen containing Trish's log.]]
Patty: So that's how far you got, huh. Heck of a stopping point. I'd be furious if it ended there...

[[Patty exits the room into the hallway outside. She greets a passing Grey clone, who glances at her as she passes.]]
Patty: S'up.

[[She sees Nick, who is facing away from her and staring out a window that overlooks the Moon.]]
Patty: [thinking to herself] Uh, oh... Looks like I'm not the only restless one...

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