General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Patty has found Nick staring out a window on the Greys' ship, contemplating the Moon. He doesn't look at her as she starts to speak to him.]]
Patty: So... What happens to it now? The Moon, I mean. Will it get flung out of orbit, or...?
Nick: [expressionless] It'll be fine.

Nick: [still staring at the Moon] It was already in orbit around the Sun. It might wobble in and out a bit, but that's it. The Earth without the Moon, on the other hand...

Nick: [his expression growing sad] Without the Moon, ocean tides will stop. Billions of sea life will die. Earth's rotation will begin to destabilize and wobble. It might become geologically unstable. It...

[[Patty's eyes widen in surprise as Nick's voice trails off. Nick shoulders sag and he leans dejectedly against the window.]]

References: Some handy Google searches: What would happen to the Moon if the Earth disappeared and vice versa
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