General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[As dozens of Grey drones bustle about around them, Dexter and the Great Skaboola are deep in discussion.]]
Skaboola: [Looking at tablet] So once they respond to these prompts, I proceed to the next section? What if they respond in the negative?
Dexter: [holding up left hand] Trust me, they won't.

Skaboola: I still do not understand why I must be the one to officiate this ceremony.
Dexter: You're the "captain" of this ship. It's a long standing naval tradition.

Skaboola: [Confused] And this is essential to the human pair-bonding process?
Dexter: Well, maybe not essential, but it's traditional. Plus, with Earth gone, there's nowhere else they can go.

Skaboola: [Whispering] If this ritual precedes the mating act, I must ensure the drones install the proper monitoring equipment...
Dexter: [Also whispering] Unwise, sir. They tend to be shy when watched.

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