General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Patty is walking into a room on the Greys' ship, carrying three large folded bundles of cloth.]]
Patty: OK, here's the extra Dexter-sized jumpsuits you asked the Greys to replicate...
Trish: [off-panel] G-great! S-start r-ripping out the s-seams!

Patty: [to Ki, who's carrying a boxed armload of materials] Rip out the seams?
Ki: The solar sail material is too thin and fragile. It might work for a veil, though...

[[The view widens to show Patty, Ki, and Trudy standing around Sharon and Trish. Sharon is facing away from us, standing straight with her arms held out to both sides, while a somewhat frazzled Trish measures across her shoulders with a tape measure.]]
Patty: [to Ki] Just saying, these jumpsuits kind of have an industrial feel...
Ki: [interrupting, with a "shushing" motion toward Patty] Careful, Patty...

[[Trish turns around, holding a bundle of fabric. Her hair is on end, and she's wide-eyed and frantic.]]
Trish: [[Yelling, mostly at Patty] TH-THIS IS *MY* P-PROJECT R-RUNWAY AND I'M G-GONNA M-MAKE IT W-WORK!

References: Handy Wikipedia links: Solar sail, Project Runway
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