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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trish is frantically working on a wedding dress for Sharon, with Patty, Trudy, and Ki as an assisting audience.]]
Trish: [manically] P-Patty, r-rip out the s-seam on the l-legs so we can s-sew them together to form a s-skirt! T-Trudy, get me a l-long s-strip to form a s-sash and bow!

Trish: [to Ki, with a crazed expectant grin] D-do you h-have the t-top you w-wore when you c-came aboard?
Ki: [cautiously] Yes...?
Trish: G-good! I need to r-rip it apart as a p-pattern for the top!

Trish: [to Sharon, who looks a bit nervous] W-we have to use l-laser w-welders and ind-industrial adhesive instead of s-sewing, s-so I h-hope you're not al-l-llergic to anything!

[[Trish stands in the middle of the others, arms raised triumphantly over her head, fabric and materials in both hands, and a crazed scheming look on her face.]]
Trish: T-this sh-shall be my g-greatest c-costume d-design ch-challenge, and I... sh-shall... ENDURE!
[[The reaction from the other ladies vary. Patty rolls her eyes, Trudy looks skeptical, Ki facepalms, and Sharon just looks on with a tolerant smile.]]

References: Ki beams aboard the Grey ship; Sharon's allergies: (1) (2)
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