General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[While Trish and Sharon have been conversing, Ki and Trudy have been having their own conversation a few steps away. We see Ki trying to get Trudy's attention.]]
Ki: [handing two small packets to Trudy] Trudy, can you take these adhesive packets over to Trish? [[Trudy doesn't respond.]] Trudy?
Trudy: Hm?

Ki: You're even more distracted than usual. You haven't been all here since you came aboard...
Trudy: [sadly] Sorry...

Trudy: I've had... a lot to think about. Being abducted by aliens, finding my mom on their ship, learning she nearly helped Fooker's dad sell the Earth over to them...

[[Trudy's expression hardens.]]
Trudy: Learning the man we thought was Nick was really someone else...
Ki: Yeah... I can understand that one...

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