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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Ki and Trudy continue their conversation, picking up on the topic of Nega-Nick. They're talking while they're working on fabrics for Trish to use to make Sharon's wedding dress.]]
Trudy: How did you find out?
Ki: About "Nega-Nick"? Fooker figured it out. You?
Trudy: He made a slip... after it was already too late.

Ki: [puzzled] "Already too late"?
Trudy: [angrily] I didn't make the connection until after we were both captured and separated. 20/20 hindsight, I suppose.

Trudy: [cautiously] Did... you two...?
Ki: [looking away] No... But not for lack of trying. He was... a bit too convincing.
Trudy: I know.

Ki: [looking back at Trudy] You should know that if you plan on seeking some payback, there's a waiting list...
Trudy: [furious] I'll gladly take last place. That way I can finish the job...

References: Fooker IDs "Nega-Nick"; Presumably he tells Ki later, since she tells the "real" Nick; see that last link also for: Ki and "Nega-Nick" didn't "do it" and the "Throttle 'Nega-Nick'" waiting list
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