General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[While Trish and Patty work on her dress, Sharon is talking to Planck (clone #6626068), who holds a tray carrying Fred, Persephone, and Socrates.]]
Sharon: [to Planck] And what about the rings?
Planck: [fumbling in a pocket] We synthesized these metastable carbon allotropes with face-centered cubic structures, like you asked.

[[Planck holds out two rings, made from solid diamond. Patty looks flabbergasted, and Sharon is beaming. In the background, all of the other women immediately take notice.]]
Patty: You made a diamond... ring...
Sharon: [excitedly] I'll take it! Fred, can we count on you to be our ring bearer?

Fred: No offense, but I'd rather keep a low profile. Planck here notwithstanding, we're not the most popular passengers on this ship...
Planck: [interrupting, excited] I'LL DO IT!

[Planck's excitement turns to confusion, and he scratches his head thoughtfully.]]
Planck: If... somebody will tell me what I'm supposed to do...
Sharon: [grinning] I think we can give you a crash course...

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