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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Pi (clone #3141592) is working with another Grey drone, repairing some equipment, when Planck (clone #6626068) strides proudly into the room with them.]]
Pi: Are the humans still going through with that ridiculous pair bonding ceremony?
Planck: [proudly] Yes, and now I'M part of it!

[[Pi looks up at Planck, and notices that he's wearing a sort of bow-tie made from a cable of some kind.]]
Pi: What are you wearing?
Planck: [grinning broadly] It's a formal male body decoration called a "tie". It makes me look "dashing"!
Pi: It's a data cable and it makes you look stupid.

[[Planck adopts a self-important stance, chin held high, while the other two watch.]]
Planck: You're simply jealous because I'M now part of their party and YOU'RE not invited.
Pi: [dryly] EVERYONE'S invited. The Skaboola even ORDERED all of us to attend.

[[With a dramatic flair Planck produces the two solid diamond rings that the Greys made for the wedding, brandishing them at the other two clones.]]
Planck: Ah, but you are not... THE BARER OF RINGS!
Other clone: [jumping back, hands held up protectively] Don't bare those things at me! I don't want to see bare rings!
[[Pi face-palms in disgust.]]

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