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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dexter and Justin are talking with Fooker about his upcoming wedding.]]
Justin: So, Jas... You're still going to go through with this...
Fooker: I'm surprised too, but if anyone could tie the ol' Fookinator down, it's my li'l redhead.

Justin: [arms crossed, serious] Sharon's a great catch, but not what I mean. I mean your space wedding... in SPACE.
Dex: [smiling] I think it's the geekiest, most awesome thing ever!

Dex: [excited] My dream wedding would mimic the one in the "Star Trek" episode "Balance of Terror", complete with Bill Shatner officiating... without, you know, the groom dying, of course...

Justin: [sarcastic] No I understand how you've taken to living comfortably on an alien space ship so quickly...
Dex: [thoughtfully] Although Miles O'Brien's wedding from "Data's Day" would be acceptable.

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