General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin, Fooker, and Dexter are getting ready for Fooker's wedding when Nick arrives and joins them. Although now clean shaven and his cut and fixed, Nick is obviously depressed, a fact not wasted on Fooker.]]
Fooker: Yo, Nickster! Must feel good to ditch the Grizzly Adams look, huh? How's my best man?

[[Fooker moves toward Nick, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Nick still appears miserable, however.]]
Fooker: [to Nick] Look, I know you had a wild bachelor party planned, but circumstances as they are, I think we'll skip that 'til later. I hear the Skaboola has quite a menagerie of alien babes, though...

[[Justin and Dex have noticed Nick's depression, and they look at him sadly. Fooker is still trying to cheer him up, though.]]
Fooker: [to Nick, stage-whispered] I hear the women from Epsilon Delphini have six boobs...

Nick: It's OK, Fooker. I can tell them where Earth is... sort of...
[[Justin and Dex brighten noticeably at the news.]]
Dex and Justin: [unison] REALLY?
Fooker: [holding his hands up to his own chest, cupping them in demonstration] But... six boobs...

References: The Grey "Zoo"; Handy Wikipedia links: Grizzly Adams; Epsilon Delphini
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