General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[As Fooker, Justin, Dexter, and Nick are getting ready for Fooker's wedding, Dex and Justin are reacting to Nick's news that he can tell them where the Earth is. Oddly enough, despite his news Nick remains depressed.]]
Dex: [excitedly] So you know where the Earth is now?
Nick: It's not as much of "where" or even "when", it's... complicated. I can't really describe it in four-dimensional terms...

Nick: I wanted to save the full explanation for when we have everyone together, so I don't have to explain everything more than once. Even then, I don't know how well I can articulate it.

Nick: [gesturing] I mean, if you're familiar with the Kaluza-Klein theory, that could be a starting point. Throw in some D-Branes and Direchlet Boundaries, but throw out the bits of Bosonics that don't fit...

[[The others look confused and lost, and Fooker interrupts Nick by laying a hand on his shoulder.]]
Fooker: [interrupting] Maybe you should start with the kindergarten level "what goes up must come down" and work your way up from there...

References: If you really want to make your brain hurt, you can check out these Wikipedia links: Kaluza-Klein theory; D-brane; Dirichlet boundary condition; Bosonic string theory. That said, I'll admit to playing "string theory buzzword bingo" here, so don't try lining up what Nick says to these articles too closely...
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