General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick is with Justin, Fooker, and Dexter, attempting to explain where he believes the Earth is. He's conducting an impromptu physics lesson. We see him gesturing, drawing a small circle in mid-air.]]
Nick: OK, imagine our universe is a bubble of space and time. It's largely self-contained, but "threads" of probability radiate out from it, forming links with other, similar universes.

[[We see him pointing at three spheres, each the size of the circle he "drew" in the first panel, connected to each other by thread-like structures.]]
Nick: The "Negaverse" is one such universe. It shares many attributes with this one, but has enough tiny permutations to make it distinct. It's "related" to our universe, but stands on its own.

[[We see several spheres. Two of then are connected by a large number of threads, two by only one thread, and several are floating by themselves, unconnected to any other.]]
Nick: Some universes are more "related" than others. They have more threads of probability uniting them than others. Others are almost isolated, with nothing in common with anything else.

[[We see the surface of one sphere, much enlarged. Its surface is bumpy with hemispherical "warts".]]
Nick: Then there are "pocket" universes. These aren't standalone universes, but bubbles on the surface of another bubble. They're part of the bigger universe, but cut off from space and time.

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