General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick continues his explanation to Fooker, Justin, and Dexter, describing what has happened to the Earth.]]
Nick: The Earth is in one of these pocket universes. Time may even be "paused" there, or nearly infinitely slowed. If I can get it back intact, no one may even be aware of what happened.

Justin: [skeptically] So it won't freeze without the sun and other trauma, right? Contrived, but convenient.
Dex: But you said you "lost" it. Does that mean you've found it?

Nick: [sadly] There's an infinite number of these pocket universes, but I've isolated the region where it should be. It's still an astronomical number, but it's a starting point. There's still hope.

[[The others exchange awkward glances as Nick concludes.]]
Nick: [depressed again] If I can adapt some of the Greys' computer equipment to expand the MUTEX's capabilities, I think I can cut that number down to something we can search in our natural lifetimes...

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