General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[After Nick's lesson in abstract physics attempting to explain what's happened to the Earth, his audience of Fooker, Dexter, and Justin are somewhat shaken. Fooker tries to rally the forces. He holds his hands up in a predatory fashion and takes on a determined expression.]]
Fooker: The point is, there's still hope. We're gonna latch onto that hope like Dexter onto a box of fresh doughnuts.
[[Dexter glares at Fooker.]]

Fooker: [gesturing grandly] Yes, it's gonna take some time for us to find it again. But we've fought aliens, temporal paradoxes, evil alternate universe doppelgangers, and Trudy. We can tackle ANYTHING.

Fooker: [intensely, head down at Nick's level and pointing to Nick] If ANYONE can find the Earth, it's US, and Nick's gonna zap it back just like he zapped it away. And since the rest of the galaxy thinks it's kaput, they'll leave us alone. Win-win.
[[Nick's expression turns uncertain, as if he's not sure he can live up to Fooker's expectations.]]

Fooker: [turning away from the other three] For now, though, it's time to par-tay. We saved the earth from invasion, so let's celebrate with a shindig like this solar system's never seen. Who's with me?
[[Justin and Dex share determined smiles, and even Nick seems in a bit higher spirits.]]

References: Both "temporal paradoxes" and "Trudy" refer to Surreptitious Machinations; "Evil alternate universe doppelgangers" refers to To Thine Own Self...
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