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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[There is no conversation in this strip. We see Planck, his expression grandly somber, carrying the rings in his right hand while his left hand supports a tray. On the tray perches Persephone, holding a bouquet of flowers in a pseudopod. Planck is marching down an aisle, with a bunch of Grey clones looking on nervously. In the shadows of an archway behind him we see Ki in silhouette.]]

[[We see Ki, smiling, walking down the same aisle. She's holding a bouquet as well, although one of the flowers in the bouquet seems to be trying to devour one of the others. Behind her we see the silhouette of Sharon, dwarfed by Dexter's.]]

[[We see Dexter walking Sharon down the same aisle. Sharon's left hand is on Dexter's arm, while her right hand is holding a much more well-behaved bouquet. It's obvious that Dexter is playing the role of the father of the bride, and both are beaming.]]

[[The perspective changes, and we see over Sharon's shoulder at the assembled wedding party. Ki, Fooker and Nick are watching her walk down the aisle, as a somewhat confused Skaboola officiates. The ceremony is being held in the round, with the ship's complement of clones standing around the wedding party.]]

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