General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[A figure, presumably the owner of the hand from the previous strip, is shrouded in shadow and pulling itself out of the Syncytium pool, dripping and coughing.]]
Figure: Cough... Wh-here... Where are we...?
Voice: We have passed out of the solar system and entered folded space.

[[The figure finishes pulling himself out of the pool. We see only his back and nether regions, but it is obvious that he is naked except for the goo from the pool.]]
Figure: F-folded...?
Voice: Our method of faster-than-light travel. The star beast "folds" space around itself, distorting spacetime.

[[We see the figure in profile, still shrouded in shadow, but looking - familiar...]]
Figure: Then... we're on our way... to the home world...?
Voice: Not yet. We must rendezvous with another part of the fleet first.

[[We finally see the figure's face. It's Nega-Nick, and he's smirking even while still dripping goo.]]
Nega-Nick: That's OK... We can wait.

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