General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[After climbing out of the syncytium pool, Nega-Nick sits on the floor beside it and talks to a Physaric that is climbing out of the same pool.]]
Nega-Nick: What's our status? Does anyone know we're here?
Physaric: Not yet, sir. We are, so far, undiscovered.

Nega-Nick: I missed the final outcome of the battle. If we're leaving, can I assume "our side" lost?
Physaric: As odd as it may sound, no one "won" or "lost".

Physaric: We're still obtaining information as we assimilate more members. Apparently, a human named Nicholas Wellington destroyed the planet before either side could claim it.

Nega-Nick: [thoughtfully] DID he now... So there's still a little bit of ME left in him after all...

References: The "battle" refers mostly to the entire events of Chapter Six. In specific, Nick "destroys" the Earth. Way back in To Thine Own Self..., "Alt-Trudy" explains the "similar but vastly different" nature of the "Negaverse". Nick meets his "Negaverse" counterpart and quickly sees through his lies.
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