General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nega-Nick sits crosslegged on the "cavern" floor, naked and still covered in slime. The two Physarics he has been talking to sit on the floor in front of him. The trio are lit from below by the glow of the pool of Physarics Nega-Nick just emerged from, which is off-panel.]]
Unnamed physaric: Each ship or colony has its own synctium, which in turn is linked telepathically to the main Synctium on the home world. If you could assimilate the one on this ship...

[[We close in on Nega-Nick, who seems deep in thought.]]
Nega-Nick: ...I could tap into the entire network. That'll be dicey, though. I've been able to assert control over a small group of you easily, but the whole thing at once...?

[[We look over Nega-Nick's shoulder at the two Physarics. The more recent member of the conversation, whom Nega-Nick dubbed "Sparky" in the previous strip, speaks.]]
Sparky: It may be prudent, then, to assimilate the local synctium now, before we rendezvous with the fleet. That may give you time to establish control before interfacing with the network.

[[Nega-Nick leans forward with a devilish grin on his face.]]
Nega-Nick: I like the way you think, Sparky. Baby steps it is. Let's pay this synctium a visit.

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