General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[As Mischief continues to work with the universe "bubbles" floating in front of her, Todd is talking to a translucent form of The Gamester behind her.]]
Gamester: Be patient with her, Todd. She's trying her best. Besides, Joan of Arc apparently enjoyed the creole food she tried...

Todd: [shrugging helplessly] OK, OK... But can't you help her? She's keeping up, but just barely. Pandemonium always seems to be three steps ahead of her...

Gamester: [sadly] No... Not yet. I haven't fully recovered from our previous battle. I've placed you both at great risk by simply being here. He can't know that I survived... yet.

[[Gamester continues as we see Mischief's face as she determinedly continues her work with the universe bubbles.]]
Gamester: For now, Mischief must deal with Pandemonium's incursions on her own. She needs to draw upon everything I've taught her... and then some...

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