General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[As Todd and Gamester continue to watch Mischief work (off-panel) they continue their conversation. While fully recognizable, Gamester is translucent, as if only partly present.]]
Todd: [angrily] Why is Pandemonium doing this? Doesn't he realize that if he causes the Cosmos to collapse, it's going to take him with it?
Gamester: Oh, he's well aware of that...

Gamester: [thoughtfully] Chaos is at the very core of his being. Order and structure offend him. He will not rest until every mortal, entity, universe, and time line devolves into complete entropy.

Todd: [incredulous] "Every entity"... Including himself?
Gamester: [seriously] When everything is chaos, his mission is complete. He has no reason to exist.

Todd: [disbelieving] Doesn't sound like an effective incentive to get the job done...
Gamester: [with a bemused smile] Don't forget we entities have a tendency to live up to our names...

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