General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Todd and Gamester (in an only mostly-corporeal state) continue their conversation as they watch Mischief's nearly-frantic maintenance of the universe "bubbles" surrounding her. They're still talking about Pandemonium and the chaos he's causing.]]
Todd: [confused] What do you mean, "The greatest threat will come from within"? Pandemonium's CLEARLY shown interest in my universe. He's meddled in it at least TWICE now.

Gamester: [gravely] Yes, and his interest there is not in dispute. He clearly has designs for your universe, but it's not his CURRENT focus. We need to be wary, but our attention must be on his immediate threat.

Gamester: That said, there are forces within your universe that pose perhaps as great a threat as Pandemonium, if not more. I think he knows this, and he plans to take advantage of it.

Gamester: Perhaps his goal has been to awaken those forces, to set them on a self-destructive path. I still do not know. But since he's taken the fight elsewhere, it's unfortunately on our "back burner", so to speak.

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