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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Todd and Gamester (in an only mostly-corporeal state) continue their conversation as they watch Mischief's nearly-frantic maintenance of the universe "bubbles" surrounding her. They're still talking about Pandemonium and the chaos he's causing.]]
Todd: [frustrated] Forgive me if I think the "back burner" isn't a high enough priority...
Gamester: Believe me, Todd. I understand -- and share -- your concern...

Gamester: My point is that your universe is far from forgotten. It's simply not where Pandemonium has currently taken the fight and, for the moment, it seems relatively safe and stable.

[[Todd has been appearing more discouraged as the conversation goes on, and is now standing in a slouch, almost dejected.]]
Gamester: You have a vested interest, which is understandable. We've been forced to consider the "big picture", however. Which means for now it's going to have to tend to itself.

[[Behind Todd, one of the universe bubbles ejects a much smaller bubble, which falls away from it.]]

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