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[[In a darkened room we see a hand reaching out from under a blanket, smacking aside a cell phone that is sounding an alarm. We see the screen displaying "Stupid Nick's Stupid Meeting" as the phone goes flying.]]

[[We see Patty groggily sitting on the edge of her bed, with a bad case of bed hair. Her glasses are on a shelf next to her bed, and her phone is still sounding its alarm at her feet.]]
Patty: [grumpy] Stupid Nick... Making us set stupid alarms...

[[She climbs out of bed and dons her glasses and a robe. Behind her we see an oval porthole-like window, with a field of stars visible through it.]]
Patty: Too early... still dark out...

Patty: [turning from the window] Oh, THAT'S right... I live in SPACE now.

References: "I live in space now"?!? How'd that happen? If you've missed the past two years of GPF, you'd better go back to the beginning of Scylla and Charybdis and get caught back up quickly!
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