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[[Patty exits the room into a hallway. We see a couple of Grey clones wandering the hall, and a sign next to the door saying "Patty and Trish's room!" complete with little hand-drawn pictures on each woman. Patty's cartoon face has dark, brooding scribbles around it, while Trish's as cartoon hearts.]]

[[A little ways down the hall she nears a door with three signs, reading "Human Female Bath Room", "FOOKER keep out!" and "We mean it!"]]

[[Inside that room we see a couple of cylindrical enclosures with frosted glass doors. In the far one we see the profile of a human female. It's Trish.]]
Trish: P-P-Patty? I-is th-that you?
Patty: Yeah, Trish. How's the "shower"? And do I smell... bacon...?

[[Patty's eyes pop as Trish exits the shower. She's wrapped in a towel, but her skin is darkened and her hair frazzled. She steams as she smiles grimly at Patty.]]
Trish: It's... n-not b-bacon...

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